The Law Office of Stephen T. Hodge is an Elk Grove estate planning law firm.  Attorney Hodge prepares wills and other estate planning documents for clients in the Sacramento area.

Wills may be the most well-known estate planning instrument because they can be simple and uncomplicated. Basically, a will documents how a person would like his or her estate to be divided upon death.  In making a will, you can divide your estate equally between your heirs, bequeath more to certain heirs than others, or even give a specific asset—such as a sentimental item or a piece of real estate—to a particular individual.

What happens if you pass without a will?  Under California's intestate succession laws, the state will divide  your property according to a formula specified in the Probate Code. Accordingly, if you want a will that honors your wishes on how to distribute your estate, contact us to schedule a free no-obligation consultation.

Having a sound estate plan is important if you own real estate or wish to make a special bequest to a friend or relative. Additionally, if you recently had a child, got married or was divorced, you should consider updating your will to include the newest members of your family.

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